Incloud Business Portal

The inPortal uniting your company 

The Incloud Business Portal  can be utilized as an intranet, extranet,and a training platform with social features to make the social enterprise portal: an easy, attractive and a very powerful platform for employee, collaboration.

Create and share documents, files, and company news in one place accessible by all employees, and contractors, from their mobile, pc or tablet.

Unlike existing portals, Incloud makes it easy to:

  1. Train employees via live video
  2. Test employees via online testing tools
  3. Connect employees via live video
  4. Create content with an intuitive rich text editor.
  5. Find documents and files with powerful search.
  6. Keep content up-to-date.
  7. Control access of users.
  8. Connect unlimited users

Web Business Applications

Incloud Custom Business Applications Focus on Your Business Toughest Challenges

Custom web software development is the core of our business. We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of streamlining business processes and helping companies become more profitable and organized.

There are countless challenges that stand in the way of a business operating at its most efficient and effective capacity. Our expertise is focusing on those challenges with intelligent, scalable custom business applications.

Imagine how many of business processes could be automated to reduce time, errors and save money?

  1. Automating procedures
  2. Streamlining processes
  3. Automating repetitive tasks
  4. Web Application Development
  5. Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Web Design

Incloud Premium Websites make your company achieve its Goals

Our product combines traditional website technology with custom applications built to your company standards. Our websites become fully interconnected to your intranet, marketing, business software such as a CRM or ERP. 

Our web development gives your company the edge over your competition

  1. Interactive Websites
  2. Responsive mobile friendly
  3. Interconnected with marketing or financial software
  4. Connected to the incloud intranet

Mobile Business Applications

Incloud Custom Mobile Applications 

Incloud, a Mobile Development Company, delivers creative wireless solutions that cut costs, Increase productivity, and create new revenues for customers. Our Mobile Application Developers are motivated by an ambition to continually be unique in the mobile industry. Our Mobile apps are made to connect to your Intranet, Web site, and Web applications and truly unite your business. 

Imagine how many of your business processes could be mobile?

  1. Access company information from anywhere
  2. Communicate and collaborate with anyone
  3. Educate and train from anywhere
  4. Work from anywhere

Welcome to Incloud Enterprise

Incloud Enterprise is a leading software company with dedication for creating robust business portals, intranets, extranets, enterprise websites, mobile applications, and custom business applications for a global customer base. Customers enjoy working with us to bring powerful web applications that positively impact their business to life. Our success is a direct result of working in partnership with large and small businesses, across a wide variety of industry sectors such as: Medical, Science, Energy, Food & Drink, and Entertainment. We have an innovative platform with a great team of professionals and technical staff that build applications to increase our customers business potential.